New report

Draft report from the Roving Ambassador: ‘Rediscovering Ambition on Forests: Maintaining One of the World’s Greatest Assets’

Report Overview 

In 2009, the world had high ambitions that political leaders might agree to halt deforestation through a global climate agreement. But since then, economic crises have displaced climate change and resource insecurity from the international agenda. Funding for forests is fragmented and short term. 

Given the urgency of climate change, accepting and continuing this situation would be a mistake of historic proportions. Now is the time to raise ambition levels and replicate more widely the progress made in some countries. 

This draft report builds the case, and provides a proposal, for ambitious action on forests between now and 2020 for those that wish to do this, by providing them with an analysis of what might be possible. 

It draws on the progress and lessons learned in some countries in the last few years.  This experience demonstrates that much can be achieved with strong leadership and high ambition with committed follow through.

Download the Draft Report

English: Rediscovering Ambition on Forests: Maintaining One of the World’s Greatest Assets [PDF 1.52MB] 

Français: Redécouvrir L’Ambition Pour Les Forêts: Préserver l’un des plus grands atouts du monde [PDF 2.46MB] 

Español: Redescobrindo A Ambição Nas Florestas: Preserva ndo um dos maiores bens do mundo [PDF 1.45MB]

Português: Redescubrir La Ambición En Los Bosques: Cómo Peservar Uno de los Activos Más Importantes del Planeta [PDF 1.45MB]